My name is Travis B. Hill and I am a comic book writer and academic historian and theologian living in Dallas, Texas. I currently have three creator owned series in production -- Thorn (Advent Comics), TechnoKnights (Dauntless Stories), & Black Gun (Band of Bards Comics) -- as well as the one-shot A Last Goodbye (Band of Bards). My short stories have appeared in various anthology series such as Containment Breach (Fugitive Poems) and Cthulhu Invades (Orange Cone Productions), and I have done work for hire with Z2 Comics. 
I am also the lead script writer and associate project manager for Sequential Potential Comics, where we create comics and illustrations for and with research scholars and scientific communities. You can see some of the comics I have written for Sequential Potential in the company's Gallery page.
In addition to comics, I have a ThM in theology from Dallas Seminary, and I am finishing up my PhD in history from the University of Texas at Dallas. I have written one theology book titled A Theology of Inheritance: Eternal Life and the Oppressed Family of God in the Gospel of Luke. I have also written several articles at the intersection of theology, history, and comics, including Let Him Be to You as. Goblin: Forgiveness as the Defeat of Evil in Spider-Man Comics, which is included in the book Theology and Spider-Man (Fortress Academic).
Lastly, I have to shoutout my lovely and amazing wife, Bridget Diane, for supporting my comic creating dreams. She is the most incredible person I know!
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